Taylor Swift & Bon Iver – Evermore

Gray November
I’ve been down since July
Motion capture
Put me in a bad light
I replay my footsteps on each stepping stone
Trying to find the one where I went wrong
Writing letters
Addressed to the fire

And I was catching my breath
Staring out an open window
Catching my death
And I couldn’t be sure
I had a feeling so peculiar
That this pain would be for

Hey December
Guess I’m feeling unmoored
Can’t remember
What I used to fight for
I rewind thе tape but all it does is pause
On thе very moment, all was lost
Sending signals
To be double-crossed

Can’t not think of all the cost
And the things that will be lost
Oh, can we just get a pause?
To be certain, we’ll be tall again
Whether weather be the frost
Or the violence of the dog days
I’m on waves, out being tossed
Is there a line that I could just go cross?

And when I was shipwrecked
I thought of you
In the cracks of light
I dreamed of you (if you)
It was real enough
To get me through
I swear
You were there

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