Post Malone ft. Meek Mill & Lil Baby – On The Road

Post Malone ft. Meek Mill & Lil Baby – On The Road Şarkı Sözü
‘Cause they ain’t ever seein’ me fold under pressure
They ain’t never, ever seen me fold, nah, never
Always keep one up on ’em ’cause I’m too clever
I would never, ever sell my soul, nah, never
‘Cause I been on the road, been on the road, I
Quit actin’ like you been with me this whole time

Yeah, they bet I’ma fall
And I’m only 24, but, b*tch, I been through it all
I got so many hits, can’t remember them all
While I’m takin’ a sh*t, look at the plaques on the wall
Y’all just sit back, won’t you kick back
Keep on actin’ like you did that, got no respect
For nobody who’s just fake in life, ayy, ayy
You ain’t really who you say you are
So pick up the pace, there ain’t no slowin’ me up
Get the f*ck out my face, can you stop blowing me up?
‘Cause my time is expensive, one mill a setlist
Bought a new car ‘fore you woke up for breakfast, yeah


Yeah, where you been?
When it was time to do some work and put it in
I just be laughin’ when I see ’em, look at them (Ha)
Leave when I lose and pop back up as soon as I win (Uh)
You ain’t my day one and I know you not my friend
So I can’t judge you when you do some phony sh*t and just pretend
Like you really down with me, because bein’ loyal starts within
I seen that money overpower that love and turn it thin
But it ain’t stop me, I just kept goin’ up, took it on the chin
I wish every time they said I would fold, I’d make an M
F*ck around and be as rich as Jeff Bezos, say it again
Never lose, I go overtime on ’em, stay in that gym
Let’s get it


I’m tired of bein’ tired
This my last shot, you can’t be mad, at least I tried
We supposed to be grown, but yet you still acting childish
I can get on the jet alone, I don’t need no extra baggage
This year turned into a savage, I got baguettes in my necklace
Driving fast and I won’t crash it and I’m supposed to be sober
But some kind of way, I just keep getting loaded
It’s gonna take more than some pressure to fold me
Tried as hard as I can, but at this point it’s outta my hands
I ain’t runnin’ out of these bands for nothin’ or no one
She say I’m a dog, but it takes one to know one
Been goin’ hard, been by myself, I don’t need no love

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