Fergie – Save It Til Morning

Fergie – Save It Til Morning Şarkı Sözü
Wanna hide away in a quiet place
And wait out your storm of words again
Build a wall and put my armor on
Escape the bullets, babe
Silence stares to see who’s giving in
Who will be the first to break?
Got that look on your face tonight
What ya gonna say?

[Pre-Chorus] But this girl is walking, walking (Yeah)
And you start talking, talking (Uh-huh)
‘Cause baby we’re about to blow (I’m ’bout to blow)
Don’t tell me things you’ll be regretting (Yeah)
‘Cause I’m never gonna forget ’em (Nah)
Tonight we gotta let it go-o-o-o

[Chorus] My heart is screaming out, leave me alone
Just don’t start, we’ll work it out tomorrow
We can kick and fight, stay up all damn night
Thinking you and I are enemies (Woah)
But these dark skies are gonna be clear (Shh)
Just save it til morning
Save it til morning (Ahh)

All the sorry’s, the apologies
All the “You’re not good enoughs”
All the careless words you throw on me
It’s hard to scrape them off
Like a barnacle, they stick to me
Like a zombie’s eating my flesh
So baby, think before you speak
And take a deep breath

[Pre-Chorus] [Chorus]

Light from the dawn, bringing the calm
Bringing the haze away out of the fog
Moving the clouds, lifting the doubt
Seeing it for what it really is now
Love you a lot, you even more
Why do you hurt the ones you love the most?

I won’t be your punching bag
Why did I put up with that?
We gotta figure it out
You don’t want me to figure that out


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