Demi Lovato – Bad Chick

Demi Lovato – Bad Chick Şarkı Sözü
[Verse 1]
Got boys on the run baby, they be chasing all day
Go back and pick it up, Mr. “drop your game”
If you come at me, better know what to say
You’re talking to a bad chick, yeah, I’m a bad chick
See as far as me, I’ll be handlin’ my sh*t
They try to bring me down but I’m never gonna quit
Forgive if they don’t know who they’re messin’ with
Yeah, I’m a bad chick

I don’t wanna break, but I might
When your this bad, it’s alright
How’s it feel to be on the other side?

Future so bright, flashlight
Couldn’t stop me even if you try
I know you’re scared, stage fright

Oh, look who’s laughing now
(Oh, you can’t stop me now)
Remember how you build me up to break me down
You build me up to break me down

I’m a bad chick, yeah I’m a bad chick

[Verse 2]
Listen up, hear me out
You’re throwing stones in a glass house
Wonder why it’s fallin’ down
Look at me, look at you
Worked hard, paid my dues
Covergirl, you’re old news





I’m a bad chick, yeah I’m a bad chick

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