Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby – My Oh My

Camila Cabello – My Oh My Şarkı Sözü
Yeah, a little bit older, a black leather jacket
A bad reputation, insatiable habits
He was onto me, one look and I couldn’t breathe, yeah
I said, if he kissed me, I might let it happen (Oh)

I swear on my life that I’ve been a good girl (Oh)
Tonight, I don’t wanna be her

They say he likes a good time (My oh my)
He comes alive at midnight (Every night)
My mama doesn’t trust him (My oh my)
He’s only here for one thing, but (Let’s go, so am I)

Look, I’m the type to make her turn on her daddy (Oh yeah)
DaBaby make her forget what she learned from her daddy
I don’t be tripping on lil’ shawty, I let her do whatever she please
I don’t be kissing on lil’ shawty, she don’t be kissing on me either
She came with you, then left with me
I went up a point, let’s call it even (Yeah, yeah)
Don’t like the car she in, gon’ end up buyin’ her a new Bimmer (Let’s go)
That girl know what she want, she make me take it off when she see me (Let’s go)
She say I make her wet whenever my face pop up on TV
I had to say, “No disrespect, gotta do it safe or you can keep it”
Pop star, I’m fresh up out the trap and I’m going Bieber
She know I’m a call away, she can drop a pin and I’d come meet her
Stand next to me, you gon’ end up catchin’ a fever (yeah)
I’m hot

My, my, my, my, my oh my
My mama doesn’t trust you, baby
(And my daddy doesn’t know you, no)

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