Miley Cyrus – Down For It

Miley Cyrus – Down For It Şarkı Sözü
[Verse 1]
Like a phoenix, I will rise from the flame
Sleepy eyes on the ashes that remain
You used me up
Yeah, you thought I was the same girl
But I’m not the same girl
Living in your shamed world
Like a ghost, now you live inside my head
You’re barely here, I don’t remember why I bled for you
You got a whole lot of things that I don’t need
You’re about the troubles so just go ahead and grab me

You can take me anywhere you want anywhere you need it
Baby, don’t be shy
I like my guys to be a little handsy
Don’t have to move to the bedroom
Yeah, we can stay on the floor
I’ll show you something that you ain’t ever seen before

1,2,3 Get up on this!
Down for it, down, I’m down for it
I’m down for it, yeah, I’m down for it

[Verse 2]
Slow it down, so that we can just spend time
That magic you use is swimming in my mind
You wanna be a rebel boy, are you too soft?
Don’t keep me waiting
I just wish you’d rip my clothes off



Breathing slowly, leaning closely
Don’t leave me lonely out here for so long
I’ve been waiting for the day when you would grab a hold…



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