Drake & Lil Baby – Wants and Needs

Leave me out the comments, leave me out the nonsense
Speakin’ out of context, people need some content
Niggas tryna keep up, sh*t is not a contest
Whippin’ Benz concept
Heaven-sent, God-sent
Least that’s what my mom says
Proof is in the progress, money’s not a object
Busy than a motherf*cker, you know how my job get
Barkin’ up the wrong tree, you know how the dogs get
Haven’t fallen off yet, yee
Come with a classic, they come around years later and say it’s a sleeper
The earrings are real, the Patty is real, might charge my ex for a feature
Deposit the money to Brenda, Laticia, or lend to Felicia
She came for me twice, I didn’t even nut for her once, you know I’m a pleaser
Forty-two millimeter, was made in Geneva
Yeah, I probably should go to Yeshiva, we went to Ibiza
Yeah, I probably should go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus
But soon as I start confessin’ my sins, he wouldn’t believe us

Sins, I got sins on my mind
And some M’s, got a lot of M’s on my mind
And my friends, yeah, I keep my friends on my mind
I’m in love, I’m in love with two girls at one time
And they tens, that’s why I got ten on my mind
I got some M’s, got a lot of M’s on my mind
And my friends, yeah, I keep my friends on my mind
Should repent, I need me some Jesus in my life

I’m from the four but I love me a threesome
Dior my deleter, she my lil’ secret
He tried to diss me to blow up, I peep it
I can’t respond, we just go at your people
If I left some racks on the bed you can keep it
This shit gettin’ deeper and deeper, I dig it
My shovel wasn’t bent, I was broke, had to fix it
A shark in the water, you swim with the lil’ fishes
I hit today, by tomorrow, she miss it
I grabbed her neck, she look up then I kiss it
I’m not a GOAT but I fit the description
I like to pour so I get the prescription
We walk around with them bands in our britches
This gun ain’t gon’ jam, when I blow, I ain’t missin’
I’m droppin’ hit after hit, I’m just chillin’
But I’ll send a hit while I chill with my children
Bigger the business, the bigger the office
I f*cked ’round and found me a swag then I caught up
They call for my artists, they makin’ me offers
I don’t even bargain, I start from the bottom
I lost a Ferrari, Las Vegas, Nevada
I woke up the followin’ day and went harder
I’m crackin’ my shell now, they see that I’m smarter
I got to get money, I love to get charter
I gave her four Birkins and one’s for her daughter
I can’t let ’em down, walk around with my guard up
I’m screamin’ out “YOLO” yeah, that’s still the motto
I know I be on some sh*t that they ain’t thought of

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