Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris – The Champion

Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris – The Champion Şarkı Sözü
[Verse 1: Carrie Underwood]
I’ll be the last one standing
Two hands in the air, I’m a champion
You’ll be looking up at me when it’s over
I live for the battle, I’m a soldier, yeah
I’m a fighter like Rocky
Put you flat on your back like Ali
Yeah, I’m the greatest I’m stronger
Paid my dues, can’t lose, I’m own ya, ay

[Pre-Chorus: Carrie Underwood]
I’ve been working my whole life
And now it’s do or die

[Chorus: Carrie Underwood]
I am invincible, unbreakable
Unstoppable, unshakeable
They knock me down, I get up again
I am the champion, you’re gon’ know my name
You can’t hurt me now, I can’t feel the pain
I was made for this, yeah, I was born to win
I am the champion

[Verse 2: Carrie Underwood]
When they write my story
They gonna say that I did it for the glory
But don’t think that I did it for the fame, yeah
I did it for the love of the game, yeah
And this is my chance I’m taking
All them old records, I’m breaking
All you people watching on the TV
You go ahead and put your bets on me, ay

[Pre-Chorus: Carrie Underwood]

[Chorus: Carrie Underwood]

[Verse 3: Ludacris]
Born champion, Luda
The C is for the courage I possess through the trauma
H is for the hurt, but it’s all for the honor
A is for my attitude working through the patience
Money comes and goes, so the M is for motivation
Gotta stay consistent, the P is for persevere
The I is for integrity, innovative career
The O is optimistic, open and never shut
And the N is necessary ’cause I’m never givin’ up
See, they ask me how I did it, I just did it from the heart
Crushin’ the competition, been doing it from the start
They say that every champion is all about his principles

[Chorus: Carrie Underwood]

[Outro: Ludacris & Carrie Underwood]
I’m the champion, yeah, surpassed all rivals
It’s all about who wants it the most
I am the champion
Fight for what we believe in
That’s what champions are made of
I am the champion (Yeah, champion)

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  • “Put your flag on your back like Ali” olarak yazılan satır…
    “Put you flat on your back like Ali” olacak.

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