Camila Cabello – Should’ve Said It

Camila Cabello – Should’ve Said It Şarkı Sözü
Show up at my door, but I don’t live there anymore
Sendin’ me your songs, but they don’t really sound like before
I was crazy for you, all caught up and confused (Ah)
Love was broken for me, now it’s broken for you

You’re only lonely
Now that you ain’t the one to hold me
Only lonely now

So you want me now? That’s funny
‘Cause you didn’t give a… back then
Comin’ back around, so sorry
‘Cause there’s no room in my bed
And I’m all good now, someone else is gettin’ all of me
If you wanted me so desperately, you shoulda said it

Isn’t it somethin’ that I get more when I’m givin’ you nothin’?
Isn’t it magic that when you stop lookin’ for it, it happens?
Baby, he fell from grace, landed right in your place
Kissed me so many times that I forgot your taste

You shoulda said it, love

I wish that you could turn back the time
And hold me closer instead of your pride
I knew it was you from the very first night
And it took you two years to make up your mind

(You shoulda said it, love)

So you want me now, now, baby?
You shoulda said it, love

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